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World4Brains is a crowdsourced Global Consulting and Innovation Think Tank that helps companies and other organizations innovate and solve problems with the help of thousands of well-credentialed consultants and accomplished innovators from 175 countries - across all industries and disciplines.


World4Brains consultants collaborate in harmony and contribute their expert advice, great new ideas, creative solutions, constructive feedback, smart brainstorming and fair conflict resolutions - thanks to a three-tiered payment system that rewards all valuable input. was founded by its CEO, Arne Klingenberg and his expert team of professionals (February 8, 2008). It is owned and operated by Beam Publishing Pty. Ltd. - an Australian Incubator and Content Provider. The site entered public beta on June 1, 2009 after an extensive period of private testing with selected partners.

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Q & A with Arne Klingenberg 


Q: What is your mission?
A: We aim to make world class multi-disciplinary consulting and innovation easily affordable and instantly available to even the smallest of organizations.


Q: How is World4Brains different from traditional consulting companies?
A: Our B2B platform provides various crowdsourced solutions to clients where up to thousands of experts from around the world and from as many disciplines as required collaborate in harmony, and focus on giving our clients the best results within the shortest possible time frame. The knowledge and intelligence base we are able to offer is extremely broad, comparable yet in some ways superior to what even the very large multinational consultancies come up with - of course at a fraction of their price.


Q: What else is different in the model you offer?
A: For one, it is our clients who get to propose how much they are able to pay for their projects, and secondly, we give clients a 100% money-back guarantee if they receive low quality input. We have set up a unique three-tiered payment system that allows us to give solid guarantees to our clients while protecting our consultants at the same time.


Q: How do you make sure the quality of advice is really first class?
A: The first one thousand experts were carefully researched and invited. And yes, now anyone is free to participate in Public Projects, from professionals to students, retired folks who'd like to still contribute and perhaps preserve their accumulated know-how, those in between jobs, on maternity leave and so on. We have established a combination of algorithms that ensure only top contributors will stay on board. The most important factor however is our unique payment system that enables our consultants to solely concentrate on giving our clients the best value for their money. Because, instead of having to compete in the old-fashioned "one-winner-takes-all" model, our consultants know that they will get paid for great input, so they are free to focus on collaborating, helping to improve each others contributions in harmonious and productive ways.


Q: Why did you open your system to non-experts as well?
A: We are all experts in various fields, perhaps more so than we give ourselves credit to. In our experience it is very often those with a very open mind and a totally fresh approach to things who will come up with the best and most innovative answers to a problem. Perhaps this is because they haven't been taught about what is possible respectively NOT possible in any given field. Our approach keeps the established experts on their toes and invigorates their thinking, while they can give 'rookies' a reality check, if need be.


Q: How do you ensure that company secrets are kept confidential?
A: We have two types of project categories and two types of consultants. Besides the Public Projects mentioned before where thousands of experts get instantly invited, clients have the option to launch a Private Project where they get to hand-pick selected participants only, restricted to Accredited Consultants whose personal details and professional credentials have been thoroughly checked and verified by us. So you know that a PHD was actually earned and they really are who they say they are. These experts will also sign an NDA if required. And by the way, clients have the option to remain anonymous if they wish and only divulge very generic information about themselves, just enough to solve the problems or innovation challenge.


Q: How does your model help independent consultants?
A: Our system is completely open and transparent, so clients always have the option to directly engage one of our consultants for future or some particular implementation work that needs to get done once the think tank aspects of a project are completed. Also, there are a great many very brilliant consultants who are not all that great with their physical presentation and sales skills... so now they can contribute regardless and simply let the beauty and genius of their ideas and solutions speak for themselves! And anyone can now contribute from wherever they are, from a mountain top or the beach or wherever, so there's less need to invest in fancy suits or flashy offices, do expensive self-promotions or go chasing after your money... all that entails significant savings for everybody, including our clients. (Learn more about the 17 Advantages of World4Brains Consultants)


Q: Can small consultancies use your system on behalf of their clients?
A: Yes they can. It can make a lot of sense to outsource parts of their work to their own virtual and global team on World4Brains. To add extra value and when they're too busy with more important or lucrative work. Anytime they need to quickly add more brainpower or access further know-how and expertise from other industries, for simultaneous multidisciplinary consulting work, and so on.


Q: Do you think your crowdsourcing model poses a threat to traditional consulting?
A: Quite the opposite, we are an additional tool for smaller consultancies to help them assist their own clients. Consultancies like marketing agencies, management consultants, lawyers, accountants and so on. We are really enlarging the overall market by providing small companies and start-ups a totally affordable entry level into the world of consulting, you know the kind of small companies that would normally not even think about approaching a traditional consultancy... Also, while we can complete many type of consulting and innovation challenges very quickly and easily with our online crowdsource-the-experts model, there will always be the need for local and in-person consulting solutions, or hands-on follow-up and implementation work. So actually, we are not just a free but a get-paid referral system for consultancies!


Q: Where would you like to see World4Brains in 10 years time?
A: While we are still a young start-up now, I can see a lot of growth potential in the coming years. It is fascinating work and deeply satisfying to be able to help organizations solve their problems and innovate new solutions. And of course, I'd love to see our name become a little bit like what Google has become for search engines or Kleenex for tissue papers, that if you'd describe a really switched-on person, people would say: "Wow, he's got World4Brains!" Wink



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