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World4Brains Ambassador

In Brief

The World4Brains referral program is free to join and there are no other fees either. The clients you introduce are forever your clients. And you will get paid a 10% commission on every project your clients start.


About Us

World4Brains is a crowdsourced Global Consulting and Innovation Think Tank that helps companies and other organizations innovate and solve problems with the help of thousands of well-credentialed consultants and accomplished innovators from 175 countries - across all industries and disciplines. World4Brains clients are protected by a 100% money-back guarantee.

The Details

"How much is the Ambassador Commission?"
We instantly credit your account with a straight 10% of the Project Amount. So a $500 project will earn you $50, a $5'000 project $500, etc. You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal with a single click upon reaching the minimum amount of $10.

"Are all client payments covered?"
Yes, we include all payment types: Project Amount, Increase Project Amount, Award Bonus! payments, Quote & Negotiate payments to World4Brains Accredited Consultants or Project Managers.

"For how long?"
We will keep paying your commission - without any time limits or conditions - for every project your client starts, now and in the future.

"What is the lifetime of your cookies?"
We don't install cookies. Your account is directly linked to the already pre-registered account of the company you've introduced - so you will get paid regardless of the computers used.


"Who can I introduce?"
You can introduce business owners, managers or entrepreneurs from every sector of business and industry imaginable. Professional service providers also use our services to assist their own clients, e.g. marketing or management consultants, accountants, lawyers. Clients served include media organizations, NGOs, government departments, researchers, investors and financial market analysts.


Become a World4Brains Ambassador

1. Register your free account.

2. Select the link Be an Ambassador.

3. Send invitations via contact form or use your personal referral code.


Got any questions? We look forward to hearing from you: Contact Us!