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World4Brains Clients enjoy 15 great advantages:


  1. You decide how much you are willing & able to pay! (No unexpected large bills, charges or cost-overruns)
  2. you don't have to go out there anymore and look for the best consultants - because we are doing that for you. Enjoy instant information and direct access to the outstanding expertise of World4Brains Consultants who are continually vetted for the quality of their contributions.
  3. you no longer need to ask & wait for quotes, or repeatedly explain your goals and requirements.
  4. you don't need to choose only one consultant/company and hope to have made the right choice... now you will receive advice from MANY consultants - at the same time!
  5. instead of being restricted to limited local knowledge, you will receive new perspectives spanning ALL countries and cultures to give you amazing new ideas and solutions (yet you do have the option to limit participation to the countries of your choice).
  6. work on your project starts right away and continues even while you sleep - 24hours a day, seven days a week - for a super-fast turnaround.
  7. you may select consultants from as many expertise categories as you require at the same time, allowing you to receive the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration.
  8. the Project Amount you specified and paid is safely held in Escrow by World4Brains, plus you are protected by our Quality Assurance and Resolution services.
  9. you can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable, even stay completely anonymous.
  10. you will benefit from a far wider variety of consultants than normally available in traditional consultancies: active or downsized professionals who like to showcase their expertise, retired experts preserving and passing on their accumulated wisdom, smart home makers perhaps on maternity leave, well-credentialed professors, students brimming with unconventional new ideas...
  11. you can collaborate with consultants simultaneously in your private & confidential Project Room in full LIVE mode - or choose DeLuxe Consulting where our project managers do all the work and you will simply receive a complete Executive Summary with the very best solutions!
  12. you can receive input from ALL worldwide experts in a Public Project or invite only "hand-picked" consultants to your Private Project (perhaps further limited to Accredited Consultants whose credentials are fully verified by
  13. you get full access and immediate control over your profile and various functions, plus receive up-to-date information and statistics.
  14. World4Brains Consultants enjoy 17 great advantages so there are plenty of well motivated consultants to instantly give you their best ideas, advice, solutions, etc.
  15. you are completely free to enter into direct business relations with your preferred World4Brains Consultants at any time you like.


The Future of Consulting & Innovation is available now. Start to receive the world's greatest new ideas and finest innovations to stay ahead of the competition. Get smart expert advice and creative solutions to your problems. Benefit from constructive and honest feedback plus have access to the sharpest brainstorming partners. And if need be, receive suggestions for fair conflict resolution.


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