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(interim) Finance Projects Manager

Name: Martin van Wunnik

Company Name: ARSIMA Projects

Country: Belgium

Consulting Expertise: Management,Finance & Investing,Consulting,Research & Analysis,Business Plans,Outsourcing,Process Improvement,Macro-Economics,Financial Markets,Banking & Funds,Accounting & Tax,Financial Planning,Financial Analysis,Budget & Forecast,Insurance,Alternative Investments



After 15+ years experience in different Finance/IT functions for multi-national companies, I launched my own company ARSIMA Projects bvba/sprl on August 8th 2008 (8/8/8).

The purpose of ARSIMA Projects is helping companies to realize their financial projects that have a large IT component.

The focus is in the area of FINANCIAL CONSOLIDATION and REPORTING SYSTEMS, where set-up and implementation are required (e.g. align the software with the business, set parameters, define reports, training, procedures and tailor-made manuals).

Other possible activities by ARSIMA Projects are Qlikview and Business Intelligence (BI) projects, Cash Flow and KPI reporting, advice on analytical accounting, financial consolidation seminars and training.

(ad hoc CFO) Through its "ad hoc CFO" services, ARSIMA Projects also offers on request financial assistance to start-up companies in (pre) seed-capital phase.

ARSIMA Projects' added value lies in a large business and finance experience, combined with a profound IT knowledge.

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