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Engineering Senior consultant

Name: Launay

Company Name: Alcma Consultoria

Country: Brazil

Consulting Expertise: Management,Consulting,Process Improvement,Engineering & Mfg.,Manufacturing,Engineering,Mechanical

Description: Alain Launay is a Senior Technical Consultant specialized in engineering. He worked since more than 20 years in a space testing laboratory in France where he was quickly involved in international projects. At the head of the consultancy project group he assisted countries who wants to implement Assembly, Integration and Testing Centres, or even test facilities. In 1978 he was post graduated in Mechanics from Université de Technologie de Compiègne in France, with a specialization in vibration and acoustics. Since 1986 he joined Intespace where he was at the head of mechanical test department, then at the head of test campaigns management department. His first domain of expertise is the mechanical tests (vibration, acoustics, mass properties). After 1993 he was also responsible for building/laboratories definition, design, construction follow-up. Clean rooms, antistatic floors, electrical power supply with EPS, UPS, fire detection and fighting system, … are common in this kind of high-tech centres. Organization of engineering company as well as laboratories is also his skill. He knows very well the ISO9001-2000 for a services company. He managed the experts group which was involved in projects for Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Algeria, France and Malaysia. The clients investment amount was always upper than 100M$. For this kind of projects many suppliers from different countries were involved, as well as local companies. The consultancy starts at the early beginning (definition of the client´s needs) up to the end with the training of the personal during first tests, passing through individual project concerning procurement of large test facility (technical specifications, bidding document, choice of the supplier, design reviews, installation, commissioning). He founded is own company in Brazil (ALCMA) dedicated to consultancy. Further information available in resume online with the following link:

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