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Management Consultant and Trainer

Name: Samuel

Company Name: PMconsultings

Country: Nigeria

Consulting Expertise: Sales & Marketing,Management,Finance & Investing,New Sales/Lead Generation,Wholesale & Import/Export,Retail Sales,Direct Sales & Email,Consulting,Research & Analysis,Business Plans,Human Resources,Outsourcing,Process Improvement,Office & Secretarial,Financial Markets,Banking & Funds,Financial Planning,Financial Analysis,Multimedia & Design,Writing & Translation,E-Books & Blogs,Agriculture,Sustainable Agriculture,Government & NGOs,International,NGOs,Local,Think Tanks,Policies & Politics,Education & Science,Psychology,Private & Personal,Motivation,Success Skills,Coaching,Self Help,Spirit & Soul,Religion,Lifestyle & Hobby,Alternative Investments,Coaching


1. Entrepreneurial business builder;

2. Innovative problem solver

3. Effective administrator

4. Responsible risk manager

5. Accomplished Project Manager

6. Global acumen

7. experienced client service and business developer

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