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Name: Sigve Hamilton Aspelund

Company Name: ACE ODIN

Country: Norway

Consulting Expertise: Management,Consulting,Engineering & Mfg.,Engineering,Industrial Design,Environment,Government & NGOs,International,Federal,NGOs,Think Tanks,Policies & Politics,Education & Science,Philosophy,Biology & Chemistry,Physics & Astronomy,Petroleum Engineering


Goal: Find a new position where I can be a long time 

I am currently searching the market for adventures. Send me a mail to, invite me to your network or call me at +47 92647129. Please help me reach my goal

I am a reservoir engineer and with varied petroleum experience from different positions I have gained valuable knowledge. I am the candidate you are looking for. I am interested in any position you find me suitable for

I have solid experience within teaching, production engineering, reservoir engineering, geology, special core analysis and geo science and a master degree in petroleum technology with applied science programme from the university college of Stavanger and the bachelor degree from NTNU, university of Bergen and the university college of Stavanger. This education involves petroleum technology (reservoir engineer), physics, mathematics, chemistry, statistics, geology and philosophy

My personal profile: Adaptation accomplished realist, outstanding organizational skills and business sense, desire to achieve concrete results toward perfectionism, prefer hard work and result oriented payment, ultimate realist, possess practical properties combined with highly developed intelligence, sees quickly new opportunities and use this to his own benefit, hard working, fair, very independent, convinced that morality is more important than anything else, resourceful, action-oriented person, eager to expand own knowledge, expect to reach targets, responsible, industrious, resolute and energetic, natural leader and has a natural talent as a presenter

Multi-experienced scientist that has a very high focus on optimization, enthusiastic and creative about how to improve work results. I am a team player that really like to socialize with other people and work well independently and proactive in problem solving


Energy: Advising, consulting and engineering. Security Petroleum Agent in Dynamic Environment. Offshore Development International National. Teaching.

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