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Circle Square Pattern (CSP)

Name: John Berling Hardy

Company Name: Berling

Country: Canada

Consulting Expertise: Management,Finance & Investing,Consulting,Business Plans,Process Improvement,Macro-Economics,Accounting & Tax,Financial Analysis,Government & NGOs,International,Federal,NGOs,Think Tanks,Policies & Politics,Private & Personal,Success Skills,Coaching,Spirit & Soul,Coaching


CSP Consulting

I have developed a proprietary know how I refer to as the Circle Square Pattern Diagnostic System (CSP). It is a methodology for uncovering under-utilized resources and hidden risks within any organization. At the same time we are mapping the invisible power structure to reveal underlying conflicts and stress factors that cause undue frictions and cost money. The specific benefits are outlined in relation to the specific target markets listed below.

Target Markets

A.    Change Management: CSP is the major barrier to change - unless it is identified and neutralized, all change initiatives will be undermined by the 'Players' (see encl. CSP file).

B.    Turn-around: The quickest way to add value is to free up the latent potential already existing within the company, and improve morale instead of spread terror with the conventional ‘scorched earth’ approach prevalent today.

C.    Receivership Workouts: same benefits as above, with the additional bonus of a PR coup for the lending institution and goodwill from government regulators in the US.

D.    Post-merger: By removing the CSP the dominant company can harmoniously integrate with the Mergee Company rather than attempt to ram through their culture (e.g. Daimler-Benz and Chrysler).

E.    Fraud Detection: The CSP supports corporate malfeasance of various kinds, both legal and illegal. Identifying the existence of the CSP will provide an early warning system for assessing those risks.

F.     Due Diligence: the CSP is a key hidden threat to any company that will not be picked up by standard due diligence procedures.

G.     HR: CSP diagnostics for identifying Players could be built into the selection process and in all on-going evaluations. Also, job descriptions could be adjusted to allow for a more flexible approach to corporate governance that is more focused upon promoting personal initiative than on ensuring compliance with prescribed procedures (the Square).

H.    Risk Management: see Due Diligence above.

I.      Corporate Strategy: the CSP is the pervasive paradigm that defines not only companies but the industry as a whole. Those companies that build this aspect into their analysis will have a leg up on their competitors.

J.      Tactics: Fully integrated negotiating strategies with competitors, regulatory bodies, media, creditors, investors, strategic partners, etc.

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