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World4Brains Consultants  enjoy 17 amazing advantages:


  1. you don't have to go out there and look for clients or spend marketing dollars - because we are doing that for you!
  2. you no longer need to write and submit quotes or "sell yourself" - because we are doing that for you as well - so you can fully focus on providing great solutions!
  3. the Project Amount is already fully paid in advance and safely held in Escrow by World4Brains, so there is no need to ever go out and "chase your money".
  4. you can start to earn money without first making commitments or paying fees of any kind.
  5. instead of "one winner takes all" (as it happens normally when only one consultant/company is chosen by a client upon receiving quotes), World4Brains Clients choose and reward ALL consultants who gave the most valuable input.
  6. you can contribute with or without a PHD... simply let the beauty and genius of your ideas and solutions speak for themselves! You can also get all your achievements verified and become an Accredited Consultant to gain additional benefits (like quote & negotiate direct payments or become a World4Brains Project Manager).
  7. upon sign-up and filling out your Public Profile (incl. the categories of your Consulting Expertise) you will receive automatically invitations to projects.
  8. all project information is already included in the email sent to you, so you only need to login when you decide to contribute to your preferred projects.
  9. you can participate whenever you like and in as many projects as you like - all from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be!
  10. you'll get free exposure and direct access to our worldwide clients! (provided you reveal your real-life contact details in your Public Profile page)
  11. you can reveal as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable, even stay completely anonymous (and continue to work in your day-job!)
  12. you have no boss to convince or answer to... talk directly with the client (or his project manager) in the private & confidential Project Room in full LIVE mode.
  13. you get full access and immediate control over your profile and various functions, plus receive important information (e.g. your earnings & withdrawals, client statistics, etc.)
  14. you are protected by our automatic Resolution Service.
  15. you can easily pass on your knowledge and experience regardless of your current status and make a difference: e.g. active or downsized professionals who like to showcase their expertise, retired experts preserving and passing on their accumulated wisdom, smart home makers perhaps on maternity leave, well-credentialed professors, students brimming with unconventional new ideas...
  16. World4Brains Clients enjoy 15 great advantages so there are plenty of well motivated clients to appreciate & reward your input - many of who would have previously never even thought about hiring a consultant...
  17. you will gain opportunities to land lucrative job or consulting contracts by World4Brains Clients who came to appreciate your expertise and ways of thinking.


Are you smart and innovative? Got experience and knowledge? Used to thinking "outside the box"? Confident?

Consider to join The Future of Consulting & Innovation and Register your FREE account!  


World4Brains Protection: All consultants & innovators who make valid & valuable contributions to World4Brains projects will get paid.


"Speaking from experience: This groundbreaking concept works and is totally fair - As a designer artist I fully´╗┐ endorse it,"


"I was delighted to be selected a winner on my first project on World4Brains. The client, Mr. Jonas appreciated the ideas submitted in the Consulting Project for his business and Arne of World4Brains provided prompt support for all queries. After the Consulting Project ended I was glad to get more work from Mr. Jonas directly. I am looking forward to participating in many more projects on World4Brains. The Crowdsourcing Industry needs many more such sites which are genuine and listen to participants' queries."

- Karan Bhatia, Copywriter, Designer & Ideator -
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