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World4Brains 4Good!

Charity Projects: Do you know a worthy cause we can help and support?

World4Brains would like to solve problems of a charitable, non-profit organization or NGO in a free project donated by thousands of World4Brains Consultants from 175 countries across all industries and disciplines. The World4Brains 4Good program aims to help make the world a better place while at the same time showcasing the amazing collective brainpowers, know-how and expertise assembled.


Please send us your nominations (if possible with name and contact information of the Executive Officer) here: Contact Us (select Feedback)

Please note:
- non-profit organizations can be located anywhere in the world and it can be for any kind of cause (within common-sense moral and ethical limits).
- all nominations must be received by December 31, 2011.
- World4Brains Consultants will vote and select the winning organization, to be announced in public and on this page.

- we have received numerous requests for monetary contributions, yet at this moment our support is not in direct funding or financial contributions: It is solving problems of the winning organization with expert advice, great ideas and innovative solutions.


Thank you for your nominations! Contact Us (select Feedback)